Indian River

Indian River
Family History Relevant to Indian River
Bella's Flame
The Dispersal
Black Prince
Becoming Clear—Scottish Islands
Becoming Clear—Canada
Three Sisters
Father's Goose
Brooding Instinct
Indian River Wedding
The Homestead
Friends & Fathers
The Relatives
Knowing You
Oral Tradition
Island Impact
About the Author
The rich waters of Indian River nourish the fertile red soil, the sea, and the people of Prince Edward Island. From fictional and non-fictional stories, lasting truths emerge about character and survival, families and relationships, family origins and personal destinies. “Indian River is a genuinely charming narrative which puts heart and soul into the dry bones of genealogy. In this enchanting collection of stories and reflections, author John Dunphy reprises the lives of his antecedents in down-to-earth character portrayals. His account leads readers along a warm family trail, carrying the MacLellans from Scotland and the Dunphys from Ireland to a common destination centred around the Atlantic Canadian settlement of Indian River on Prince Edward Island. It's about family and fun all the way into modern times. A refreshing
Fred Hazel,
Retired Editor-In-Chief
The Telegraph-Journal
“John Dunphy's 'Bella' is a marvelous creation—or perhaps I should say 'recreation,' as she comes so much to life a reader has to think she was once very much truly alive somewhere in Dunphy's past. His evocation of life on Prince Edward Island, of the ebb and flow of the ocean as well as of the fascinating MacLellan family is the stuff of good reading. Sit back and enjoy.”
Roy MacGregor
The Globe and Mail Columnist
and Successful Author

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