Blog #6 New Book Launch

My first book launch went very well.  I sold all the books I had.  About 60-70 guests came to Patty’s Pub, formed social groups, ordered food and drinks to entertain themselves for a half-hour while I sold and signed books.

First good decision was choosing a space that is conducive to conversation and listening.  The friendly atmosphere and service by the pub staff made for a pleasant gathering.

Second good decision was to have my son, his wife, my two grandchildren involved and responsible for the sale of books.  They handled money, record of sales, signings to the correct purchaser, delivery to the tables of the signed books.  That meant that the author was free to prepare the oral presentation, mix with guests to welcome them, and to explain how to purchase the books.  It also left my wife free to host people, introduce guests to one another, and to enhance the friendly atmosphere.

The third good decision was to rent a standup microphone, two speakers, and an amplifier for the sample readings  which could be heard in the room by all guests seated.  The rest of the bar (two other rooms) still had access to the washrooms, food and drink service, and lively conversation without the author’s guests straining to hear above the voices of the other patrons.

Fourth decision that helped the presentation was practice on the author’s part and a dress rehearsal.  In the dress rehearsal I dropped my notes and lost my place more than once.  So I typed the selected passages I intended to read on a space smaller than the page of the book and attached the typed passages and introductory comments on the top of pages in the book.  I placed the typed notes on every right page and made the notes stop at natural breaks.

Finally, in my rehearsal someone suggested I use a map to help guests unfamiliar with the setting written about in the book.  I used a travel map and yellow post it notes to identify the changing places of the setting.

I limited the readings to twenty minutes which left ten minutes for questions.  They were solid questions which I was happy to address.  That half hour created lots of lively conversation for the remaining hour and enough time for me to sell and sign the rest of the books.  In the end, the reviews of the book launch were positive.