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Website opening photo for Lighthouse at Covehead Harbour, PEI by Paul Dunphy

  • “Bella’s Flame”:  boat on the shore of Stanhope Bay, PEI at sunset by Paul Dunphy
  • “The Dispersal”:  cottage lane, Covehead Bay, by Paul Dunphy
  • “The Black Prince”:  statue at Black Horse Corner, Irishtown Road, Kensington, PEI by Paul Dunphy
  • “Becoming Clear: The Scottish Islands”:  Fish Island from Cabot Park, PEI by Paul Dunphy
  • “Becoming Clear: Canada”:  path toward the north shore of Cabot Park, PEI by Paul Dunphy
  • “Three Sisters”:  PEI countryside by Paul Dunphy
  • “Father’s Goose”:  portrait of Dan Dunphy (Wallace, Higgins, and McGahan, The Saint John Police Story, Volume IV, New Ireland Press 1994, p. 151
  • “Brooding Instinct”:  seven Newfoundlanders (back row and forefront), Bella Dunphy, pre-schooler John Dunphy, sister Anne Dunphy, from Mike Dunphy’s family album, c. 1945.
  • “Indian River Wedding”:  interior of Saint Mary’s Church, Indian River, PEI by Paul Dunphy
  • “The Homestead”:  either Hugh Dunphy’s house on Irishtown Road at Black Horse Corner or Robert Dunphy’s house on Margate Road, Kensington, PEI
  • “Friends & Fathers”:  Dan and Bella Dunphy, first-born Harold Michael Dunphy, Saint John, N.B. , c 1925
  • “The Relatives”:  the MacLellans after the wedding of Anne Dunphy and Jay Mitchell at Bella and Dan’s home in Saint John, N.B., in December 1960.  Back row: Beatrice, Bella, Charles, Marguerite, Marie. Front row: Mary Louise, Ronald, Helena.
  • “Knowing You”:  twilight outside Saint Mary’s Church, Indian River, PEI.
  • “Oral Tradition”:  formal portrait of Bella Dunphy on the occasion of the National Catholic Women’s League Convention, Saint John, N.B., c 1955
  • “Island Impact”:  PEI countryside by Paul Dunphy

Note:  Many of the photos were treated for effects by Ray Heath.