Indian River Geneology


John and Catherine MacLellan

emigrate from South Uist, Scotland

and settle in Indian River, P.E.I. in 1787.

Only son of John and Catherine is Archibald

(King) Donald MacLellan, the eldest son

of Archibald, married

Mary Penelope MacDonald.

John Al MacLellan, the sixth of nine

children of Mary Penelope and (King) Donald,

married Angelina Morrison

from Darnley, P.E.I.

John Al and Angelina had eight

children: Charles, Marie, Marguerite,

Bella, Beatrice, Mary Louise,

Ronald, Helena. Daniel died in infancy.


Thomas Dunphy emigrated from Kilkenny,

Ireland in 1824. He married Esther Barrett

of Barrett’s Cross (now Kensington), P.E.I.

Hugh Dunphy, eldest son of six children of

Thomas and Esther, married Margaret Gillis.

Hugh and Margaret Dunphy had eight

children: Esther, Amanda (Sarah Jane), James, Michael,

Jean, Daniel, Thomas, Henry.

Daniel was the sixth child.

Bella MacLellan and Daniel Dunphy

married in Saint John, N. B. January 31,

1923. They had four children:

H. Michael, Ronald, Anne, John.